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Being hindered from seeing your children is heart-wrenching – you desperately want to see them but are powerless to do so. What should be an amicable agreement between two parties has become a mud-slinging match with your children caught in the crossfire. Without reaching an agreement between yourselves you risk your family’s fate being decided by a Judge in a courtroom – and that’s terrifying. You need an expert family law solicitor who can take control of the negotiations, be your voice inside and outside the courtroom, and get the best possible outcome for you and your children.

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"NjP Solicitors helped me through a Child Arrangements Order (CAO) for my daughter, and without them, it would have been difficult to navigate through the process. I appreciate their professional help."

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Family law experts with your children’s best interests at heart

A relationship that’s broken down, or a falling out between ex-partners, shouldn’t stand in the way of your relationship with your children. At NjP Solicitors, we understand the intricacies associated with disputes over children, and with over 25 years in the legal sector specialising in family law, we know how to get you the swift resolution you and your children deserve. We’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you navigate the complexities of their child arrangement case, ensuring they get the very best outcome possible.

Your voice – inside and outside of the courtroom

We know that when it comes to child arrangements disputes reaching an agreement without a drawn-out court case is favourable for everyone involved – which is why we always attempt to resolve things outside a courtroom first. But we also know that depending on the specifics of your case, this isn’t always possible. At NjP Solicitors, we help you settle your child arrangement case using two main methods:

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Expert negotiation outside the courtroom

We take the time to skilfully negotiate with both parties, quickly getting to the root of the issue. We know that emotions are heightened and use our expertise to diffuse the situation - enabling a more constructive and amicable conversation, with your best interests at the heart. We’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you navigate the complexities of their child arrangement disputes without ever having to set foot in a courtroom.

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Supporting your child arrangements order

If negotiations fall on deaf ears and court be your only option, we will help with your child arrangements order (CAO). We’ll take care of everything from making your application for you, to representing you at all court hearings so you never have to worry about being railroaded into agreeing to something that’s not right for you. More than a solicitor, we’re your most fierce advocate, ensuring you get the best outcome possible for you and your children.

Child Arrangements FAQs

What is a Child Arrangements Order?

A child arrangements order is a court order and it can detail:

  • Where a child lives;
  • When a child spends time with each parent;
  • When and what other types of contact take place, such as phone calls;
  • Whether something specific needs to happen, such as a child being returned or where a child should go to school;
  • Whether something specific needs to be stopped, for example, if one parent is threatening to remove a child

Child Arrangement Orders replace the old ‘residence’ and ‘contact’ orders. 

How long does a Child Arrangements Order take?

How long the process to obtain a Child Arrangements Order takes can vary greatly and depends on a number of factors, such as how many issues there are to resolve. 

How much does a Child Arrangements Order cost?

There is a court application fee for processing an application for a Child Arrangements Order. During the course of proceedings, additional expenses may also be incurred if expert reports or specialist testing is ordered.

We advise on our fees to support you through the process in our initial appointment. 

What is the process of getting a Child Arrangements Order?

There are various ways to seek to resolve matters before even considering making an application to the Court. We use our best endeavours to resolve matters for our clients with the least cost and stress. Court is always the last resort. 

In most cases if a Court application is made the parties need to provide evidence that they have considered mediation as an option to resolve any dispute. However, sometimes a Court application is unavoidable, and if this is the case we recommend you obtain advice on how best to approach the law and procedure of such an application. 

What is a C100 Child Arrangements Order Form?

The C100 Form is the form that you need to complete in order to apply to the Family Court to make a decision regarding the arrangements for your children. On occasions there may additional documents required to send to the court along with the C100. 

Can I have custody of the children?

It is important to note that there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution for separating families. Each family is different and the future arrangements for children will be influenced by a range of factors, such as the ages of the children, school requirements, funds available to meet basic housing needs and the wishes & feelings of the children themselves.

Can I have contact with the children?

The children act 1989 provides that there shall be a presumption that unless shown to the contrary, that the involvement of both parents in the life of a child will further the child’s welfare. In other words, unless there is good reason to believe that it’s not in a child’s best infested then they should have a relationship with both parents.

Who are CAFCASS?

CAFCASS is for Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.

They represent children in Family Court cases in England and Wales, independently advising the Family Courts about what is in a child’s best interests by putting the needs, wishes and feelings of the child forward and ensuring that their voices are heard. They are independent of the Courts, social services, education and health authorities and any similar agencies. They have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children who are going through the family justice system.

Do I need a Court order to see my children?

No, you don’t. If you and your ex-partner can discuss child arrangements rationally between you, and reach an agreement that you are both happy with, then there is no reason for a Court order to be in place.

However, if you cannot agree the child arrangements or the arrangements you had in place no longer work for one then it may be that you need to consider making an application to the Court so that an order can be made. Always get legal advice, as it’s common that most issues never need to go to court and get resolved through negotiations with the support of a family solicitor. 

The children live with their mother, can she stop me from seeing them?

Your ex-partner cannot stop you from seeing your children unless, for whatever reason, it may cause a detrimental impact on your child’s welfare. If your ex-partner is attempting to prevent you from seeing your child, then you may need to consider making an application to the Court for a Child Arrangements Order unless you can reach an agreement between you.

It is always preferable for everyone concerned to reach an agreement outside of Court proceedings.

However, if you cannot agree the child arrangements or the arrangements you had in place no longer work for one then it may be that you need to consider making an application to the Court so that an order can be made. Always get legal advice, as it’s common that most issues never need to go to court and get resolved through negotiations with the support of a family solicitor. 

Will my child’s wishes dictate child arrangements?

There are two scenarios that could come into play here – either a child will want to stop contact with a parent, or a child will want more contact with a parent.

The Courts are all to aware that very often a child will say what they think a parent wants to hear. Their wishes and feelings are important, and should be taken into account, depending on their age and ability to understand the situation. However, ultimately their wishes and feelings will not determine the outcome of any Court proceedings in relation to child arrangements. Generally, the Courts take a view that contact is in the best interests of a child and that both parents should be involved in their lives. Only in exceptional circumstances will the Court make an order refusing contact.

My former partner is turning the children against me, what can I do?

Obtain legal advice asap. The longer the issue is left unresolved, the longer your relationship with the child/children may be negatively impacted.

Parental alienation is described as “the deliberate manipulation of a child by one parent against the other parent”.

Fortunately, true parental alienation is not a common factor in disputes between parents regarding child arrangements, but early intervention is crucial if parental alienation is suspected or alleged.

Parental alienation cases are often very complex. 

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