Consent Orders at NJP Solicitors: Your Family Law Experts

NJP Solicitors specialises in family law, with a focus on divorce and consent orders. We provide expert legal guidance to help you through the process of obtaining a consent order. Our services are accessible and convenient, offering video link meetings to accommodate clients wherever they’re based.

A consent order is a legal document that finalises financial agreements between parties in a divorce. It’s vital for ensuring that financial matters are settled fairly and are legally binding. At NJP Solicitors, our aim is to make this process straightforward and transparent for you.

Our Services at NJP Solicitors

Bespoke Advice: We offer personalised advice to match your specific circumstances, ensuring the consent order accurately reflects your agreements.

Expert Negotiation: Our experienced solicitors negotiate on your behalf to secure an agreement that protects your interests, especially regarding complex financial issues.

Comprehensive Support: We manage every aspect of your consent order, from drafting to court approval, focusing on accuracy and thoroughness.

Flexible Consultations: We provide video link consultations, making our services convenient and accessible for all clients.

Why Choose NJP Solicitors?

Family Law Specialists: Our team has extensive experience in family law, equipping us to handle your case effectively.

Client-Centred Service: We put your needs first, offering a service that’s legally sound while being understanding of your personal situation.

Transparent Pricing: We offer clear pricing with no hidden charges.

Broad Coverage: We serve clients across England and Wales, beyond our West Midlands base.

Divorce can be complicated, but obtaining a consent order doesn’t have to be. At NJP Solicitors, we’re dedicated to making this process as clear and manageable as possible for you. We’re here to assist you in securing your financial future post-divorce with minimal stress.

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If you’re facing a divorce and need assistance with a consent order, reach out to NJP Solicitors. Let us guide you to a straightforward resolution. Contact us today for clear, expert support in family law.