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When you enter into a marriage or civil partnership, the last thing you expect is for it to end. This isn’t something you planned for, and it’s devastating. The breakdown of a relationship is hard enough without having all the legalities to think about. Turning to friends or forums for legal advice can leave you in murky waters, and trying to do it all yourself risks getting things wrong and elongating an already stressful process. You need an expert divorce solicitor who can take the reins and get the outcome you need – so you can focus on rebuilding your life again.

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"NJP solicitors have dealt with my divorce with professionalism, tact and diplomacy. They have always been there when I needed a friendly ear. They kept me going. I will never be able to thank them enough."

-John G

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Experts in family law

With over 25 years in the legal sector specialising in family law, we know how to get you the swift resolution you deserve. We’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you navigate the complexities of divorce and financial remedy, ensuring they get the very best outcome possible for their case.

A modern take on delivering legal services

When your life feels like it’s in disarray, the last thing you need is to feel held back by antiquated legal processes and the stress of ever-rising legal costs. At NjP Solicitors, we choose a customer-focused approach that makes dealing with your divorce as stress-free as possible.

Fixed fee divorce

As one of the first legal firms to implement fixed fee divorces, we ensure you know exactly what you’ll pay to instruct us. There’ll be no creeping costs if it takes longer than envisioned, so you get peace of mind over your finances.

Innovative technology

Wave goodbye to old-fashioned, inefficient legal systems. Our streamlined, automated processes make your life easier, while our company app makes communicating with us simple and effective.

Pay-as-you-go service

We operate a pay-as-you-go service, so you can pay for as much, or as little, of our time as you want. We’ll only do the work you’ve paid for in advance, so you have complete control of your budget.

Know where you stand financially with our fixed-fee divorce & pay-as-you-go services

When your list of worries includes losing your family home and dividing your life savings, the last thing you need to be concerned with is how you’ll afford the costs of your divorce. At NjP Solicitors, we offer divorce at a fixed fee and financial remedy as pay-as-you-go, so you can be sure you’ve got complete oversight of your finances and budget no matter how long things take to finalise.

We also offer:

Interest-free payment plans 

to help you spread the cost over a time that works for you

Pay-as-you-go options

so you’ll never be hit with a bill that’s beyond your expectations

Get the outcome you deserve

Step 1: Book a call. 

We’ll let you know if and how we can help.


Step 2: Deep dive into your case

We’ll drill down into the details of your issue, and you’ll leave knowing exactly how we can help you, what your options are and how much it will cost you to instruct us to represent you.


Step 3:Get the clarity you deserve

No more scouring Google trying to figure this out. Just sound, professional legal advice specific to your unique circumstances that will cut through the messy stuff, get straight to the point, and ensure the best outcome for you.

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You owe it to yourself to have the best people fighting your corner

You shouldn’t have to risk the stability of your future on a solicitor that isn’t determined to fight tooth and nail to get you the outcome you deserve. Book a call with NJP Solicitors today and get the expert legal advice you need to get the outcome you deserve.

Divorce FAQs

When can I get divorced?

After one year of marriage. You cannot get divorced in the first year. 

What are the grounds for divorce?

There is one ground – the marriage has irretrievably broken down. There is no blaming anymore, the system in the UK is “no fault divorce”. This keeps the process more amicable for both of you. 

How long does a divorce take?

A divorce can take between 6-8 months if not disputed, from issuing the petition to the Decree Absolute. If the divorce or finances are disputed, then this timescale can be longer depending on how long it takes for these issues to be resolved.

Do I have to go to court?

It is common place that a divorce will take place without there ever being a need to attend court, it’s rare that the parties to a divorce been to attend court (unless in respect of financial settlement). 

If you have agreed your divorce, your divorce will be processed through the court as a paperwork exercise. If you have not agreed or are unable to agree your financial arrangements, you may need to attend court. However, early negotiations with the support of a Solicitor, can prevent the involvement of the court at all. 

Can I get divorced quickly?

Contrary to what you see in the media, there is only one route to get a divorce and there is no way to fast-track it or get a “quickie divorce”. The courts oversee the entire process, so we are on the courts timetable. 

How much does a divorce cost?

We offer a fixed fee and you can also pay in instalments. No hidden costs.

Contact us to find out more.

Does my spouse need a Solicitor too, if I start the divorce?

No, not necessarily, it’s personal preference but not essential. 

What is the divorce process?

Below is a brief timeline to the divorce process:

  • Step 1: the divorce application is completed and sent to the court;
  • Step 2: the court issues the application, and if applicable, the Respondent confirms that they have received a copy of the application by completing the Acknowledgement of Service form;
  • Step 3: the middle stage of the divorce, the Conditional Order , is granted;
  • Step 4: the Final Order is granted, bringing the marriage to an end.