Domestic abuse protection during Covid-19

• Are you being abused by a partner?

• Are you not sure if you’re suffering abuse?

Domestic abuse affects men & women.

Domestic abuse can be..


Physical abuse

Verbal abuse

Financial abuse

Sexual abuse

Coercive control




You may feel:-

• Frightened and anxious

• Isolated from friends & family

• That you are to blame – feeling guilty.

• That your partner is being protective (disguising their control).

• Unable to be yourself – walking on egg shells

• Unable to dress how you like

• Unable to see friends & family

You might..

• Get accused of cheating when you are not.

• Get called derogatory names.

Psychiatrist state that children who hear or see abuse are more likely to suffer:-

• Anxiety or depression

• Difficulty sleeping

• Nightmares

• Bedwetting

• Easily startled

• Temper tantrums

• Problems at school

• Aggression or withdrawal

• Low sense of self worth

It is common that victims of domestic abuse don’t speak out. They tolerate the abuse, believing they are somehow to blame. The hardest part is realising you’re being abused, then asking for help.

Once you ask for help that it when things can start to get better. Don’t suffer in silence!

What is the first step to living a life without fear? Without abuse.

Speak out!

There are lots of agencies that provide domestic abuse support, we can help

put you in contact with them.

You can also get free legal advice (under legal aid) and protective orders.

Legal aid is available for all victims of domestic abuse.

Call us for a free 30 minute telephone consultation. All victims of domestic abuse are eligible for free legal advice (legal aid).

In your appointment we will:-

• Discuss your problem

• Advise you on solutions

• Discuss appropriate support agencies that can help you

• Advise you on what legal support is available

• Consider an action plan for when you want to leave

You may not be ready to leave your partner, but you can still get advice or enquire about support.

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