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No one should be made to feel unsafe in their own home.

Your home should be your sanctuary, but when you’re the victim of harassment or domestic abuse, it can feel anything but. You know the longer you’re left without protection the worse things can get. But getting help can feel like a minefield. Knowing who to trust when so much of your trust has been broken seems like an impossible task. You deserve an expert solicitor who understands the risks involved for you and is ready to fight tooth and nail to get you the protection you deserve.

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“NJP Solicitors went above and beyond to help and support me through a difficult situation, I can’t thank them enough for what they did for me and would 100% recommend to others in the future.”

-Laura. S-D

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You don’t need to wait for ‘worse’ – help is available for you now

  • Do you feel like something ‘bad’ needs to happen before you get support?
  • Have you been turned away by the police before?
  • Scared you won’t be taken seriously until it’s too late?
  • Terrified your children will be removed from your care?

Delivering expert legal advice for over 25 years

It’s common for victims of domestic abuse to feel like they won’t be believed, that they’ll be deemed unfit parents, or that help is too far out of reach – especially if they’ve attempted to get help from the police before unsuccessfully. What is happening to you might not fit the criminal criteria for police involvement, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get help.

We can support you in the following ways, without involvement from the police:

  • Warning letters
  • Non-molestation orders
  • Occupation orders

Worried about the timescale and cost? Don’t be. Legal Aid is available for domestic abuse cases, and we won’t waste any time getting you a swift resolution – if your situation is urgent, we will work to get you a non-molestation order granted the same day.

Expert domestic violence solicitors who’ve got your back

With over 25 years in the legal sector and specialising in family law, we know how to get you the protection you deserve. We treat every case as unique, reviewing it in detail to ensure we’re offering you the best course of action for your specific circumstances. If your case doesn’t meet the criteria for a non-molestation or occupation order, we will offer legal advice and support to help you to pursue other options so you’re never left out in the cold.

NjP Solicitors – Where you’re more than just a case number

We understand the reluctance you might feel in reaching out for support. The legal profession can feel intimidating and discussing such sensitive, and often traumatic experiences with a stranger can leave you fearful of judgement, especially if you’ve already had a negative experience with an unsympathetic solicitor. That’s where we’re different. At NjP Solicitors, we genuinely care about getting you the protection you deserve and will never judge your situation. Our Founder, Natalie Moore, feels passionately about helping people like you and set up a domestic violence support website to help more people experiencing abuse feel comfortable reaching out to a solicitor.

When you instruct us, you’ll get:

  • Free legal representation with Legal Aid
  • A non-judgmental, safe space to discuss your case
  • Expert same-day advice and efficient processes
  • Support with the bigger picture, e.g., child arrangements
  • Signposting to organisations that can help further support you

Domestic Abuse FAQs

Who can experience domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse occurs across all groups in society, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexuality, wealth or geography. The majority of victims are women and children although research is highlighting the increase of male victims. It is estimated that 1 in 4 women will suffer domestic violence at some point in their lives.

Does domestic violence happen in LGBTQIA+ relationships?

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone who is in a relationship.

Can men experience domestic abuse?

While it is recognised and documented in research and statistics that the majority of domestic abuse is perpetrated by men against women, it is also acknowledged and becoming increasingly recognised that men can experience abuse from female partners and in male gay relationships. It can be difficult for men to acknowledge they are experiencing domestic violence and the stigma and shame attached to the issue can be a huge barrier in accessing support.

What are the effects of domestic abuse?

The effects are domestic violence are wide ranging and will differ for all victims. In some cases the impact of domestic abuse is fatal. The effects are not just physical, the emotional trauma in the short and long term cannot be underestimated. 

The impact your children who witness and hear abuse or violence is now very well known and documented. Children only need to hear abuse to be negatively impacted, it is not true that they have to actually see the abuse for this to affect them emotionally. 

What does the law say?

Criminal and civil law offers important protections for individuals who are experiencing domestic abuse. A victim of domestic abuse.

How can the a family solicitor help me?

You can get free advice 

You can get protective orders/injunctions 

You can get signposted to offer support agencies. 

Why should I speak to a Solicitor?

You can get free, no matter obligation advice or protection. You can find out how a Solicitor can help you whilst being under no obligation to do anything at all after your appointment. 

How quickly can I get protection?

In urgent cases potentially within 24 hours or less.

How much will it cost me to get legal advice or protection?

Legal aid is available so in most cases all advice and representation is free. 

Will a Solicitor be judgemental?

Not at all, we find that victims are worried to get help and fear being Judged. Solicitors are not immune to the challenges of life, and they offer a more human, caring approach than you might think. Check out our reviews so you know you’re in safe hands with people that truly care. 

What if I seek help, then I change my mind?

No problem, you’re under no pressure to do anything. You can simply get one off advice and leave it there. 

How do I protect my children from witnessing or being subjected to domestic abuse?

We can advice you on your individual circumstances and the best ways to protect you and your family. Call us to get free advice 01952 618656

Can I get protection without going to court?

Yes, call us to get free advice 01952 618656

I’m scared of repercussions if I seek legal advice, how can I make sure I’m safe?

When advising you on the best remedy to keep you safe, we always consider your short term and long term needs along with any risk of repercussions and how best to manage those risks. Can you get tailored advice and/or protective measures put in place to protect you and your children.

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You shouldn’t have to resign yourself to a life of harassment and abuse due to fear of the legal process or repercussions from your abuser. Book a call with NjP Solicitors today and get the supportive, expert legal advice you need to get the protection you deserve.