I know I am a victim of domestic abuse but have been suffering in silence. Where can I turn?

Domestic violence comes in several forms, can be both physical, financial and emotional and has devastating effects on the victim.

An abusive relationship is extremely personal to those affected. They often carry the burden alone for a long period of time with incredible feelings of guilt before coming to terms with the fact that they are actually a victim of domestic abuse.

Physical violence may be more apparent to family and friends than emotional or financial abuse, but victims often end up hiding the scars and bruises, somehow believing they are to blame for what is happening to them and the attacks are all because of something they are responsible for.

Emotional and financial abuse is no less serious, harder for those close to the victim to become aware of and particularly difficult for the victim to recognise in terms of what is happening and the effects it’s having. Domestic abuse leads to a downward spiral in the victim’s mental and physical health leaving them feeling:

  • Worthless
  • Ashamed
  • Embarrassed
  • Guilty


This whole mindset is created by the belief they are to blame for the situation they find themselves in. But this is not the case.


Recognise the problem and do something about it!

 You don’t need to feel alone. Our friendly team at NjP have a wealth of experience in helping people through the most traumatic times of their lives. The first thing is to recognise that you are a victim of domestic abuse and that you no longer need to suffer in silence.

NjP has developed a highly respected reputation in helping victims of domestic abuse remove themselves from the dangers and anxieties of living in these most stressful and worrying situations.

When you choose NjP you will have the reassurance of knowing we are there with you every step of the way on your journey to resolving the problems, allowing you once more to live the quality of life you deserve.

Our dedicated professionals will advise and support you through the process with a service tailored to your requirements, always keeping your best interests at heart. This involves helping with cases of:

  • Physical violence
  • Emotional abuse
  • Harassment
  • Financial abuse
  • Cohesive control

(not an exhaustive list)

Any situation which requires the protection of one person from another.

What steps can we take to put this protection in place?

  • Non-molestation order
  • Occupation order
  • Warning letter


These are the two most common ways of addressing the problems you are dealing with. A non-molestation order is directed at the individual responsible for the violence, emotional abuse or harassment and puts a legal procedure in place to prevent them subjecting you to this unacceptable behaviour. An occupation order relates to the family home and outlines the criteria by which parties must conform in day-to-day living arrangements.

For more details on these orders, visit https://njpsolicitors.com/family-services/domestic-violence/

The team at NjP will advise you on what action you can take in simple to understand non-legal language which will guide you towards the correct decision for you. Having decided on an action, you will then be able to leave the whole matter in our expert hands allowing us to deal with the problem for you.

NjP has offices in Telford and Birmingham but our team is available to act for you wherever you live in England and Wales. For information on how we can help with domestic abuse, emotional abuse or harassment issues, call 01952 618656 or 0121 76926996. We are here to help! Advice on domestic abuse is FREE.

We are committed to protecting victims of domestic abuse.


Don’t be a victim, be a survivor!