Should I represent myself at court?

There is so much pressure on the court system with Judges hefty caseloads that it compelled Sir Andrew Macfarlane to speak about this in the Guardian recently. A review will be launched on the current system and we look forward to reading it.

Since the changes in accessing Legal Aid in 2013 there have been an increasing number of litigants in person (people acting without a Solicitor). This means that matters are not dealt with as quickly and efficiently as they could be if the parties were represented.

There has been an increase in cases about children and disputes between parents. As Solicitors we spend most of our time in negotiations outside the court room.  The majority of the hard work, involved to resolve matters, takes place outside of the court. Therefore, it is difficult for litigants in person to proactively make progress at court. The animosity between the parties hinders effective negotiations. The value of using a Solicitor can not be underestimated in these circumstances.

As the court system is struggling with the demand, delays are inevitable. At NjP Solicitors we will continue to use our best endeavours to resolve matters without the necessity of involving the court. Court proceedings can be costly and parties almost always find it stressful.