What do you do if you’ve been accused of causing harm to your child? (non-accidental injury)

Parents want the best for their children, but sometimes accidents happen. However, if it is suspected by social services that a child’s injuries were not accidental, then it is important to seek legal advice. Non-accidental injury (NAI) is serious and can have severe consequences for parents, meaning that legal advice is vital to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved. Non-accidental injury is defined as an injury that is caused deliberately, either by a parent or caregiver or another individual.

In cases where a child is suspected to have suffered NAI, seeking legal advice from an experienced family law solicitor is crucial. This is because the law on non-accidental injury can be complex, and it is essential to have an understanding of the legal system and the process involved. Additionally, parents are at risk of their children being permanently removed from their care. Parents who are under suspicion of causing their child a NAI are often under a great deal of emotional stress, and may not know how to navigate the legal system.

An experienced family law solicitor can provide support and guidance, helping parents understand their legal rights and options. They can also provide insight into how to navigate the legal process, ensuring that parents are fully informed of the options available to them. In cases of NAI, it is crucial to use a family law solicitor who has experience in handling these types of cases. This is because these cases can be highly complex, and require a thorough understanding of the law and medical evidence.

A good family law solicitor will be able to work with the relevant authorities, including medical professionals and social services, to build a strong case on your behalf.When it comes to choosing a Solicitor to handle your case of suspected non-accidental injury, it is essential to choose someone with the right experience and expertise. Choosing a Solicitor who has worked on similar cases in the past can help to ensure that your best interests are protected and that justice is done.

Parents should seek legal advice if they suspect that their child has suffered non-accidental injury. The law on NAI is complex, and navigating the legal system can be challenging without the help of an experienced Solicitor. Seeking early legal advice can provide parents with the guidance, support and advice they need to make informed decisions and ensure the best possible outcome for them and their child[ren].

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